2019 MRII National Conference

The 2019 MRII National Conference is in planning and will take place on April 11th at the Johnstown Estate.

The 2019 National Conference will include a workshop for attendees “Achieving More By Doing Less”. 

Staying ahead of the game and maintaining high levels of performance are necessary to thrive in today’s workplace. Making time for our personal development and getting some quality time can be a real challenge and is often pushed down our long list of to-do’s. That is why we have asked Stevie Award winning Coach of the Year 2018 – Dee Hutchinson – to host a 90 minute session at the 2019 National Conference. Dee is an international bestselling author, multi award winning coach and works with high performing individuals and businesses across the world.

  • Getting out of your own way
  • Multi-tasking is bad for business
  • It all starts and ends with you

You can expect to walk away from this workshop feeling energised, inspired and ready to take on the world!

Did you miss the 2018 event? Check our gallery page for photos or view our 2018 event video summary.

Any company wishing to attend the trade exhibition that will run in conjunction with our 2019 National Conference should email here.