Women In Medicine with Mary Brosnan “The Next Big Push for Midwives: Emerging Topics in Maternity Services”

Date: 06/05/2021
Time: 1.15pm - 2.00pm

Location: Online



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May 6th next will we see the first of our Women in Medicine series. At the first event Laura Dowling, MPSI (event moderator) will be in conversation with Mary Brosnan, Director of Nursing and Midwifery, National Maternity Hospital. Topics for discussion will include:

• The expanding role of the MNP
• GP Prescribing (new since COVID)
• Home births role in reducing hospitalisation
• Move to SVUH
• New hyperemisis clinic and funding for hyperemisis medication
• New diabetology clinic

Speaker: Mary Brosnan Bio to follow.

Moderator: “The Fabulous Pharmacist”, Laura Dowling

Passionate about health and lifestyle wellness Laura is a practising pharmacist. She graduated from Trinity College Dublin School of Pharmacy in 2002. She loves to share her practical and research-based scientific knowledge with others, in a fun and engaging manner. Her primary audience is women and girls of all ages, accessed primarily through social media, TV & radio appearances, corporate speaking events and written articles. Fabulous Pharmacist is relatable, funny and a mine of information on a wide range of topics. In her daily posts she discusses public health, medicines, natural therapies, healthy food, vitamins and exercise, in-between performing advanced yoga poses and baking sourdough bread with her three sons. Her aim is to make everybody feel as fabulous as possible by inspiring them to lead balanced, healthier lives – always in a consistent and achievable way. Find her on Instagram and Facebook @fabulouspharmacist

The format is Live@Lunchtime. Join us to listen to Mary Brosnan in conversation with Laura Dowling. Each event will have invite questions from the ‘floor’

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