The Confident Passenger, Webinar, July 2 2019

Online 1.00pm – 1.30pm. Register here for this webinar.

The Confident Passenger. Speaker: Michael Comyn: Join Michael on this webinar where he will talk about the latest offering from Fly Fearless – the Confident Passenger programme – designed for those who fly as part of their work and while maybe not afraid – they are curious about what’s going on, on the flight deck, the training of the crew, the maintenance and the steps the airlines take to get you from one place to another. It’s an interesting presentation that will have you a whole lot more aware when you next board a flight as a confident passenger.

About our speaker:

  • Michael Comyn is a master trainer, coach and broadcaster and has delivered training for the past 35 years. He holds degrees in Management and a Masters (MBS) from the Smurfit Business School at University College Dublin.
  • He has developed and presented training in leadership and communication and formed the Fearless Organization to foster his interests in the elimination of anxiety and fear in everyday business situations including public speaking and a fear of flying.
  • Michael is on the Associate Faculty of the Royal College of Surgeons Institute of Leadership and lectures on Leadership at the RCPI and a former helicopter pilot.