Healthcare Industry Representative Role

  • To promote and sell the company’s products.
  • To inform healthcare professionals on the company’s products.
  • To establish in the healthcare professionals mind the place and role of products and prescriptions (pack/strength) in relation to each other and to competition.
  • To generate a focus for implementation of current best practice, based on research into disease processes from leading journals.
  • Healthcare Industry Representatives are the link between the healthcare sector and the medical profession. The promotion of a company’s products is by surgery visits and or presentations at gatherings of HCPs at clinical meetings.
  • Healthcare Industry Representatives generally have a responsibility for a territory defined by number of ‘contacts’ and geographic location, also by GP and/or hospital focus.
  • The company image and product view that a Doctor forms depends greatly on the degree of professionalism the representative displays in day to day activities. Integrity and commitment are key.
  • To be an expert in their field and to act as a point of contact if any queries arise with their specific medicines.
  • To comply with all company policy and procedures.