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Membership of the MRII is open to those who are employed (or seek to be employed) as Healthcare Industry Representatives in Ireland.

There are four grades of membership:

  • Full Member: those who have passed the MRII examination, may use the letters MMRII after their name (annual subscription €160)
  • Student Member: those who intend on sitting the MRII examination within two years (annual subscription €150)
  • Affiliate Member: for those who have demonstrated five or more years of experience as a Healthcare Sales Professional and who do not wish to take the MRII Examination (annual subscription €160). Or other as proposed and approved by MRII Council.
  • Retired Member: those who were current members at the time of retirement (no annual subscription for those who qualify)

Maternity Leave

Members who are going on maternity leave should update their email address, if necessary ( They will remain on the membership list and be kept up to date during their leave and welcomed back on their return.

10 Reasons you should be an MRII Member…

  1. We are the only body representing your profession in Ireland.
  2. Enhance your network – meet industry colleagues and service providers and stay informed.
  3. Our National Conference provides an essential learning and networking opportunity.
  4. Broaden your knowledge – physical meetings, webinars/podcasts, tours and courses.
  5. Gain access to the MRII Syllabus and Examination providing you with an industry recognised qualification.
  6. Active participation will enhance your CV and you, both professionally and personally.
  7. MRII Ambassador and Volunteer Programmes and Annual Awards for Members.
  8. Gain strength from our numbers.
  9. Many members have secured jobs through MRII contacts and initiatives.
  10. New Affiliate membership option for those whose career development plan does not include the MRII Examination.