Healthcare Industry Representatives come from a variety of backgrounds. Some are graduates and some are not, some are science graduates and nurses and some are not. In an effort to standardise the background educational level of Healthcare Sales Professionals the MRII Membership Examination is offered as a general standard. By sitting and passing this Examination Healthcare Industry Representatives have shown an in-depth knowledge of Anatomy, Physiology, Clinical Medicine and Pharmacology and surgical techniques. In addition they will have demonstrated an up to date understanding of the industry in which they work/propose to work.

The benefits are enhanced credibility and respect from their employers and the medical profession by giving them a strong grounding in the areas mentioned above. Also the Healthcare Industry Representative will have the confidence in the knowledge that they have the fundamentals for all future training both internally and externally through their company products and therapeutic areas.

The MRII Examiner is Professor Brendan O’Connor, Dublin City University.

To contact the Examination Sub-Committee – please e-mail