MRII Statement of Best Practice

MRII Statement of Best Practice: Conduct of Healthcare Industry Representatives:

As a member of the MRII, all Healthcare Industry Representatives must comply to act in best faith and intention to follow out all their duties and interactions with Healthcare Professionals in line with the expectations of a Healthcare Industry Representative role, so as to not bring any disrepute to the industry.

The MRII statement of best practice outlines the following expected behaviours and actions that are intended for Healthcare Industry Representative members to carry out to the best of their ability in all interactions with Healthcare Professionals. This statement of best practice forms the backbone of the MRII and supports its overarching views and expected actions.

Best practice expectations:

  1. In relation to Covid-19 Healthcare Industry Representatives should at all times operate within HSE and healthcare facility guidelines.
  2. Healthcare Industry Representatives must approach their duties responsibly and ethically.
  3. During each visit, and subject to applicable laws and regulations, Healthcare Industry Representatives must give the persons visited, or have available for them, a summary of the product characteristics for each medicinal product they present.
  4. Healthcare Industry Representatives must transmit to the scientific service of their companies forthwith any information they receive in relation to the use of their company’s medicinal products, particularly reports of side effects.
  5. Healthcare Industry Representatives must ensure that the frequency, timing and duration of visits to healthcare professionals, pharmacies, hospitals or other healthcare facilities, together with the manner in which they are made, do not cause inconvenience.
  6. Healthcare Industry Representatives must not use any inducement or subterfuge to gain an interview. In an interview, or when seeking an appointment for an interview, Healthcare Industry Representatives must, from the outset, take reasonable steps to ensure that they do not mislead as to their identity or that of the company they represent.
  7. The wishes of an individual Healthcare Professional, or the arrangements in force at any particular establishment, must be observed by representatives.
  8. Healthcare Industry Representatives must always endeavour to treat healthcare professionals’ time with respect and if for any reason an appointment cannot be kept by the representative, the longest possible notice must be given.
  9. Healthcare Industry Representatives must take adequate precautions to ensure the security of medicinal products in their possession.
  10. Healthcare Industry Representatives must not use the telephone or similar electronic means to promote medicinal products to healthcare professionals unless prior arrangement has been made with the individuals concerned.

(The term “Healthcare Industry Representative” includes medical sales representatives, including personnel retained by way of contract with third parties, and any other company representatives who call on healthcare professionals, pharmacies, hospitals or other healthcare facilities in connection with the promotion of medicinal products).