Become an Affiliate Member of the MRII

I have 5+ years experience in a customer facing role in a healthcare setting, why should I consider MRII Affiliate Membership? This is an MRII membership option for those whose career development plan does not include the MRII examination and who want to benefit from the professional development and networking opportunities MRII membership provides:

  1. Education and networking opportunities – your role can be isolated, meet company and industry colleagues: participation at MRII events provides you with essential interaction with industry peers and collaboration with others working in customer facing roles in the healthcare space.
  2. Free National Conference: The National Conference is a full day must attend event usually held in April, join in excess of 100 industry colleaugues, excellent panel of speakers and in excess of 25 companies exhibiting.
  3. Free live webinars.
  4. Active involvement – voting rights, you may be eligible for a seat on Council or an Ambassador role – options to become involved in the running and future direction of the Institute.
  5. Full free access to MRII members area, to include webinar and event recordings (for most events). We also share useful information in the members area.
  6. Membership discounts.
  7. Full free access to IPHA Code e-learning modules. These e-learning modules cost €350 for access for non-MRII and non-IPHA members.
  8. CONNECT annual hardcopy newsletter.
  9. Monthly MRII ezine CONNECTion – never miss an update on MRII events and activities. 

Affiliate Member: those who have demonstrated five or more years of experience as a Healthcare Industry Representative (annual subscription €160).