Live@Lunchtime Webinar Series – ‘Presenting Success: How to discover your Superpowers’

The MRII Live@Lunchtime Webinar Series is free for MRII members, €25 for non-members.


Speaker: Gwynne Morley, General Manager of IQVIA Solutions and CSMS division of IQVIA

Confident, effective presentation – whether to clients or to fellow colleagues – is a crucial skill to progress to senior levels in any business. Strong presenters may well make it seem as if their presenting skills are inherent, but the truth is that great public speakers are made, not born.


  • This session will be relevant to both men and women who want to learn the art of confident public speaking, but will focus on the experience of women as they build these skills.
  • This session will cover why acquiring the skills to present confidently is vital for career development, the issues that can prevent people from developing these skills, the vital importance of experience to building strong skills and how to ensure you can acquire that experience.
  • The session will focus on practical tips to make presentations go better, from preparation, presenting room checklist, the three key skill groups to work on in every presentation, and dealing with tough audiences and tough questions.