Full Examination – €540

This option is for those who are sitting the MRII Examination in full for the first time or are repeating the MRII Examination in full.

You will need to study the following:

  1. The MRII Examination Syllabus (table of contents can be found here)
  2. The MRII Examination Syllabus industry section
  3. IMSTA Code of Practice
  4. Medicines for Ireland Code of Practice
  5. *IPHA Code of Practice e-learning modules which are available to MRII members here which will be included in your final mark.

*You need to successfully complete all the IPHA Code of Practice e-learning modules and forward your confirmation of same by email to info@mrii.ie on or before February 7th 2020. Failure to complete this process will result in you losing marks from your final result. For reference, the e-learning module headings are as follows:

  1. The Advertising Legislation
  2. IPHA Code of Practice for the pharmaceutical industry
  3. IPHA Code of Standards