LinkedIn Workshop

This event is fully booked. 

MRII webinars are free for MRII members (€25 for non-members).

Course Aims
To provide the participant with the skill, tools and knowledge to be able to use LinkedIn effectively.

Course Outcomes
At the end each participant will:
• Have a LinkedIn profile and know how to use it effectively based on their individual objectives.
• Understand why their profile is the foundations for a great LinkedIn account and how it interacts with their company page.

Course Content
• How LinkedIn works, understanding the newsfeed algorithms – how to increase the reach of your posts.
• Bringing your profile right up to speed (practical elements).
• Understanding company pages and how to manage and interact with them to build the profile of the company.
• How to increase traffic to your profile and company page.
• Increasing your industry network in LinkedIn and using LinkedIn to increase your profile in your industry.
• Jobs on LinkedIn – searching and applying.

Breakout Session
10 minutes to search for and follow industry influencers/leaders and connect to relevant parties that are attending the session.

Participants should have gone through the basics of setting up a LinkedIn account and verified their account (this will be in the form of an email). Assistance can be provided if necessary, via email and/or phone.

Speaker: Speaker Sandra Hennessy, Digital Marketing Trainer & Consultant, Be Dynamic