Good gut bacteria, immunity and how our patterns predict the pounds

MRII Live@Lunchtime Webinar (free for MRII members, €25 non-members invoiced after you register). CLICK HERE TO REGISTER. If you want to know more about the inner universe of microbes that live inside you, this talk will explore: How certain dietary components, nutrients and patterns, shape your microbiome. How your microbiome, in turn, regulates your metabolic … Read more

Live@Lunchtime: Let’s Take Back Our Power From ANXIETY

The MRII Live@Lunchtime Webinar Series is free for MRII members, €25 for non-members. This webinar will: Provide you with an opportunity to look at your own anxieties. Deepen your understanding of others’ anxieties. Develop your own resources for managing anxiety using cognitive behavioural (CBT) principles. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER SPEAKER: Dr. Claire Hayes, a Consultant … Read more